DOORS, the Roblox horror, has some very challenging levels. You cannot simply walk through the Hotel without coming face-face with the Figure in room 50. This challenging level will put your self-control to the test as you hide and try to escape from the terrifying entity that stalks the library. Here is how to beat room 50 in DOORS.

TAKE YOUR TIME. Hang out at the entry door and look for books when the figure goes up top. You can clear the left side bookcases on 1 trip, and the close right side ones on another figure wander-off. This will normally net you 2 books.

Hang out crouched behind the desk. Again, when the figure wanders to the upper part of the level, go to the desk, stay crouched, get the map and open drawers for flashlight/lighter/bandage/gold. When he wanders up top again, go back to the front door.

The right side of the lower level is "safe" if you stay crouched, hang out by the desk on the right side, and only search those close bookcases when the figure has (yes, again) gone up top. You should net 2 more books that way if you're lucky.

After the figure comes down from the top, scoot up top and loot books up there, hiding out by the right side of the exit door when he heads back up. If you play it safe, you'll be able to grab up to 4 books up there.

Even if you get up top and have 6-7 books, you can brute force guess the lock combination. With 3 known numbers, you have to go through no more than 100 Roblox Items : combinations. With 4 known numbers, you only have 10 combinations to go through. Pick the lock from as far to the right side of the exit door as you can. The figure never goes over there.


With all the digits assigned to a position on the lock, simply go to the lock at the end of room 50 on the door and interact with it. Click the digits to change them and line them up accordingly. Click the green button to validate your combination.

When you do, you must escape the room quickly, as the Figure will be after you.

In case you are playing this game multiplayer then make sure all the players are near the exit while entering the codes. Looking for more Roblox content? Check out our webiste you can Buy Roblox Gold from us.