Handheld Radio Single Band Free Sample 288 Walkie Talkies for Adults Long Range UHF 400-470MHz 10W Long Distance 2 Way Radios Longer Range Communication In Open Areas With Little Or No Obstruction. Easy Voice And Sound. Stable reception and transmission keep you and your team always stay in contact with loud clear sound quality. Walkie talkies long range can reach 3 miles in open areas such as rural areas, suburbs or seaside, etc. where there is no shelter. If in cities or towns, walkie talkies can reach 0.6-1.2 miles in most cases. The actual distance Depends on the obstruction of the current environment. Hard and durable shell, drop-proof, Rainproof, this Handheld two way radio transmitters are suitable for hotel management, villas, restaurant kitchens, outings, Outdoor mountain climbing, construction sites, factory warehouses, car driving, cruise ships, school, churches, retail stores and supermarkets, security personnel, construction personnel, safety maintenance personnel. Product Parameters Public Part Voltage7.4V Waiting Current100ma under 140ma power saving state Size124X63X42mm (without antenna) Weight256 grams Audio Output Power2w@10% distortion Analog Part BandUHF Frequency Range400-470MH RF Output Power10W Emission Current鈮?.4A Number of Channels240 Audio Distortion鈮?% Carrier Tolerance5ppm Maximum Frequency Offset鈮?soil 5 KHz Clutter Radiation6OdB Adjacent Channel Power6OdB Reference Sensitivity0.20uV Squelch Sensitivity0.15uV Adjacent Channel Selectivity6OdB Spurious Immunity6OdB Intermodulation Immunity6OdB Public Network Part Frequency BandCAMA 2000 1X 800M Range of Working Temperature-10-+55 degrees Storage Temperature Range-40-+85 degrees Maximum Transmit Power23-25dbm@All up bits. Receive Sensitivity-106dbmHandheld Radio Single Band Free Sample website:http://www.sifangradios.com/two-way-radios/handheld-radio-single-band/