China Strapping And Cable Ties suppliers 聽 聽 Blue steel strapping uses chemicals such as sodium nitrate to oxidize the metal surface to oxides at high temperature to form a protective layer that is more resistant to rust. 聽 聽 The use of Blue steel strapping can reduce the wear and tear of the baler, and also help to reduce the probability of its failure, which can extend the service life of the baler to a certain extent, thereby effectively improving the speed of packing. The Blue steel strapping can be applied to a wide range of models, both fully automatic and semi-automatic. 聽 聽 In the process of use, it can be found that the color of the baked blue packaging belt is brighter, which can improve the aesthetics of packaging. Under normal circumstances, the baked blue packaging belt is not easy to deform, and the weight of the product is relatively light. Blue steel strapping also has relatively strong tensile strength, and strong packing performance. It also has product advantages such as good elastic recovery, water resistance, chemical resistance, etc., which can realize manual packing and machine bundling. 聽 聽 Blue steel strapping is available in various specifications and can also be processed and produced in special specifications according to customer needs. Blue steel strapping is used in newspapers, light industry, food, aquatic products, freezing, fruit, printing, pharmaceuticals, postal offices, Letters, logistics, airport luggage, parcels, hardware, furniture, electrical appliances, electronics, plastics, chemicals, accessories, medical equipment, fitness equipment, clothing, toys, etc.China Strapping And Cable Ties suppliers website: