Dinesh, can you share a brief overview of your professional journey and how you came to establish Green Circle Life?

As the founder and CEO of Green Circle Life, I am dedicated to improving the lives of millions of people, one person at a time. This can be achieved by offering a communication and engagement platform – SmartFHR™ – that aggregates all employee-facing HR, wellness, and healthcare services into a single digital HR ecosystem. With this platform, Green Circle Life helps organisations become more productive by building a culture of health and wellbeing as their employees take advantage of their company-provided benefits and services.

Solving complex problems and building products that last a long time is something I’m passionate about and consider myself a serial entrepreneur for this reason. I’ve launched several companies and products — both domestic and off-shore — across multiple industries, including information technology, investment, financial services, and telecommunications.

Green Circle Life and the SmartFHR™ platform was created to change the paradigm of the healthcare industry and guide employers to lower healthcare costs, all while improving employee outcomes and wellbeing. It is rewarding to see employees and their families benefiting from this service. The best part of this journey is yet to unfold, but it is rewarding to work with talented people who are invested in solving big problems and creating delightful user experiences.

Looking ahead to 2024, what key trends or transformations do you foresee in the field of Human Resources, particularly in the context of employee well-being and engagement?

There are several emerging trends that HR leaders will consider in 2024. Wegovy, Zepbound and similar new weight loss drugs, which seem to have magical properties in them, are transforming healthcare due to their results. While widespread investment by employers in these drugs will not happen overnight, employers must weigh the costs and benefits of investing in these medications now because employees will demand them from their employers this year (if they have not already).

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