Balloon Achievements in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, players can discover special Mr. Stone balloon locations and earn achievements such as the "Flyme2theballoon" achievement, "Balloon Gakuen 2" achievement, "Balloon Impact 3rd" achievement, and "Penacony: Balloon Rail" achievement.

Breakable objects in Honkai: Star Rail vary depending on the location. When players reach Penacony, they may be surprised to find that the breakable objects there include glass bottles and balloons. This peculiar choice makes more sense when considering that Penacony is known as the planet of festivities.

The breakable balloons in Penacony are shaped like Mr. Stone and also serve as collectible stickers for the "A Mirage of Shooting Stars" chapter in Honkai: Star Rail. Additionally, players can discover special Mr. Stone balloons in Penacony, which unlock hidden achievements.

In the game "Honkai: Star Rail," players can find four special Mr. Stone balloons in Penacony. Destroying these balloons will unlock achievements worth five stellar jades each, allowing players to earn a total of 20 stellar jades by completing all four achievements.

The available trophies in this challenge all reference Hoyoverse's games and include "Flyme2theballoon," "Balloon Gakuen 2," "Balloon Impact 3rd," and "Penacony: Balloon Rail." Each of these trophies corresponds to a specific Mr. Stone balloon location in the game.

To unlock the "Flyme2theballoon" achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, players need to teleport to the Dreammerse Shopping Street during the golden hour. From there, they should head west towards the railings. In the distance, an orange Mr. Stone balloon can be spotted floating. Breaking this balloon will unlock the first achievement.

Balloon Achievements Guide

Head to the map and navigate to Dream's Edge in Honkai: Star Rail to locate the Mr. Stone balloon for the Gakuen 2 achievement. If players have unlocked the gate, they can utilize the Family's Construction Authority Space Anchor. Alternatively, if the gate remains locked, they must opt for a detour by using either the Front Observation Deck Space Anchor or the Shape of Roast Stagnant Shadow.

To obtain the "Balloon Impact 3rd" achievement in the game "Honkai: Star Rail", players can follow these steps:

  • Teleport to the "Eddying Dreamscape Space Anchor" and head north to the 3D room.
  • Upon entering the room, turn left and go down the stairs to obtain the bubble charge from the fountain.
  • Activate the nearest bubble bridge and cross it, then turn right to activate another bubble bridge.
  • Walk straight and turn right again to cross the third bubble bridge.
  • Follow the path to reach another bubble charge fountain.
  • Near the bubble bridge, players will find the special Mr. Stone balloon floating nearby.

These steps will guide players to successfully locate the special Mr. Stone balloon and achieve the "Balloon Impact 3rd" milestone in the game.

To unlock the Penacony Balloon Rail achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, visit the Reverie (Dreamscape) using either the VIP Lounge Corridor Space Anchor or the Shape of Nectar Stagnant Shadow. Once there, locate the secluded corner where the special Mr. Stone Balloon is hidden behind some broken walls.

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